About Me

Matt Gagliano

I'm a product builder passionate about helping cross-functional teams make digital products, services, and experiences through new perspectives. I'm interested in bootstrapped SaaS and the creator economy, personal fintech and crypto, and transportation and energy tech.

I'm currently working on product at Veritonic, an audio intelligence company and the first analytics platform built to quantify the value of sound in advertising.

I have a background in designing and building web apps — from drafting rapid prototypes and assembling designs in code to shaping product requirements and strategizing roadmaps — and leading small development teams in solving complex problems with big impact.

About This Website

After many years of running Jekyll on my personal website and blog, I finally made the switch to Jamstack. This website is built with Gatsby and deployed on Netlify.

Under the hood, I'm using TailwindCSS for styling and Markdown for blog content. The home page hero graphic (which I also use elsewhere across social media), was inspired by a newsletter signup element from TailwindUI. Many other elements throughout the site are inspired by TailwindUI.

This website is currently only available in dark-mode — it may stay that way.