Veritonic Competitive Intelligence

Veritonic Competitive Intelligence evolved from the need for clients to track their competitors' advertising spend and share of voice across multiple platforms, including podcast and streaming radio. After ingesting the top streaming radio and podcast feeds, Veritonic leverages machine listening and learning to glean insights from that data. The goal of this project was to surface the insights for clients in an easily digestible and intuitive interface, enabling market research teams to inform their audio advertising strategy and tactics.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Product Designer
  • Product Owner

Tools and Technologies

  • Figma
  • HTML/CSS/Bootstrap
  • Vue.js
We focused on solving the key pain points discovered from client feedback and user research, including the need to know who is advertising, where they are advertising, and how much they are spending. We wanted to make it easy for clients to understand their competitors' advertising spend and share of voice, and to see how their own advertising spend and share of voice compared to their competitors or their broader industry as a whole.


Estimated spend and share of voice displayed above the fold.

As the first screen a client sees when they enter the tool, the dashboard is the most important. Here, we surfaced the key metrics that clients wanted to know: share of voice and estimated spend of competitors in the market.

Podcast Sources

Searchable podcasts, and episode-by-episdode breakdown of ads.

Sourced from the highest-ranking podcasts, we surfaced detailed information about the brands and ads in each podcast episode to help research, creative, and media planning teams make data-driven decisions.

Ads in the Market

Database of competitive ads, searchable by brand or industry.

Rounding out the key capabilities of the tool, we designed for easy searchability of brands in-market. This allowed clients to see what ads competitors were running, and to identify opportunities for differentiation.

Beginning with a comprehensive competitive analysis, we identified the key pain points and opportunities for improvement. We then conducted user research to validate our assumptions and identify the most important features to include in the tool. After streamlining our content ingestion pipeline, we developed a methodology for extrapolating estimated spend and share of voice based on industry standards and best practices, including factoring in average quarter hour radio listeners, number of podcast downloads, and average cost per thousand impressions. Finally, we iterated on the design and development of the tool, and conducted usability testing to ensure that the tool met the needs of our clients.
Veritonic Competitive Intelligence serves as the entry point into Veritonic's full suite of end-to-end audio research and analytics tools, encompassing the initial phase of market research and providing the foundational data for clients to build upon later with Veritonic's Creative Measurement and Campaign Performance products. The tool has been instrumental in helping key clients make data-driven decisions about their audio advertising strategy.