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I'm Matt Gagliano, a product designer passionate about helping cross-functional teams build digital products, services, and experiences through new perspectives.

Rebuilding My Website and Learning Next.js

In the midst of uncertainty about the future of many of our favorite social platforms, running a personal website where you control the code and content is more important than ever. It can be the foundational layer of a personal brand, and it's a great place to experiment with new tools and technologies in a space that's all your own.

Optimizing Workflows for Growing Development Teams

If there is any common thread among my last few posts, it is this: optimize, systemize, and automate as much as you possibly can and your job will be easier, you'll have more room for creative thinking, and you can reinvest that extra creativity to grow more effectively.

Designing in Code

I recently had the pleasure of reading Brad Frost's post on the role of the emerging frontend designer. It's a bridge between two traditionally separate roles: designer and developer. While a designer would create static mockups for the developer to build with real code, the frontend designer designs in code and builds the frontend UI in digestible components for the developer to bring to life.

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