Full Steam Ahead at Veritonic

This past summer was certainly a busy one. In late spring, we concluded our $3.5 million seed round here at Veritonic. Since then, we've added some amazing new people to the team, had the privilege of working with many exceptional clients, and moved into a shiny new office in Midtown.

Veritonic product components designed by Matt Gagliano

As we dive into the last quarter of the year, I wanted to reflect on our accomplishments and share our progress as we continue to help our users best measure and understand the effectiveness of their audio.

We started off the summer with the launch of a fully revamped marketing website. We included images for added personality, retooled copy, and overhauled product presentation.

Veritonic solutions page designed by Matt Gagliano

We also built out a new section of the site to serve as a home base for hosting the steady stream of fresh new market insights, case studies, and blog posts that we share across our network.

Veritonic featured content page designed by Matt Gagliano

While we added much to the site, we retained the core components of the original design system developed and discussed back in one of my previous blog posts.

Among the slight user experience changes we improved on were more fluid and natural hover/active states for button and card shadows, a new animated navigation button visible on smaller devices, and a persistent top bar (hidden on mouse scroll) to highlight special news and announcements.

The marketing site has many improvements to come this quarter, as it's already 4 months old (which is really 4 lightyears in the tech industry).

Veritonic product page designed by Matt Gagliano

In August, we also introduced a new email newsletter, The Soundbite, which will help subscribers keep up to date on the latest news from the audio marketing and technology world.

On the product side, we've been intently focused on improving our internal processes and automation, which will help us bring results to our clients even faster.

Much more to come on both marketing and product fronts as we kick off the last quarter of 2018. Stay tuned.

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